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Holiday Schedule
*No class Thanksgiving.
*Kat is taking time with family starting 12/22/15
Classes will resume 1/4/16.

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Kat Folger Fit 


Pilates Instructor

MELT Method Strength Instructor

Yoga Instructor

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About Kat Folger

Kat Folger holds multiple certifications in Pilates, Yoga, and pain relieving movement modalities.

Kat is trained and continues educating in how to improve various diagnosis. If you suffer from spondylolisthesis, stenosis, scoliosis, excessive kyphosis or lordosis, osteoporosis, flat back, low back pain, or bulging discs, come into the studio to learn what to do for yourself.

"If you have the will to improve and the motivation to do what it takes, I have the education to lead you on the path to improvement." Kat

Kat Folger is thrilled to be teaching the MELT Method to her clients and students. Kat began her training with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT, in 2009. She experienced a profound positive change from that first session. Kat has now completed the New Science of the Human Body (3X), the Full Instructor training and certification, MELT on Pilates and MELT STRENGTH training and certificationKat is a Certified Pilates & Yoga professional and a Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehab Specialist. Kat is a life-long student attending several conventions and workshops yearly.  There is always new information and techniques to bring to her clients and students. No matter the modality of training, she sees positive improvement and lasting change in everyone who MELTS consistently. Kat is a multiple world-record holding skydiver who currently enjoys challenging herself with acro yoga and surfing. 

***Kat Folger offers 'Movement that Matters", Fallbrook YOGA classes, Fallbrook PILATES classes, Fallbrook MELT Method classes, and MELT on PILATES classes - please check the CLASSES & SCHEDULES page for regularly scheduled, weekly class schedules and details.

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"To anyone who is contemplating taking a class from Kat Folger.   Don't wait, start as soon as you can. I started Pilates six months ago along with Melt two months ago.I cant even begin to tell you the wonderful changes that have happened to my physical body. Toning,strength and balance not to mention how its changed my perception of myself. Even though Kat conducts a room full of students, she still gives individual attention. She really knows what she is doing! Kat is a beautiful soul inside and out. Invest in yourself and learn the knowledge she passes onto all of us through her classes. With Gratitude and Thanks, Lisa M. "

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Be FIT!  Feel Fantastic with KAT FOLGER FIT!

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